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John Piesen has outstanding specials and services available providing horse racing winners seven days a week. Everyday, John's on top of what's happening in paddocks at nearly every track around the country. He talks to everyone in the know... trainers, clockers, jockeys, owners, other commentators and even the guys who muck out the stalls. He knows what horses are ready to run and which ones are just there for the workout. Then, having recently joined forces with one of the sharpest problem solving computer groups in the country and together that have reinvented the art of picking horse racing winners, he goes to work. Using a combination of simulation software and high tech computer analysis that allows him to see the race and intensively analyze it hundreds of times before the race is ever run. It's like nothing anyone in the horse racing industry has ever done so thoroughly. John has never been this confident, this certain of his picks before, and keep in mind, he's the man who won races every day for 207 days in a row... No winners, Exactas, Trifectas, and Pick-3's have ever been so sure. No longshots have ever been so predictable.

Whether it's high profile races like the Kentucky Derby, Triple Crown, or Breeder's Cup or daily racing from tracks like Belmont, Aqueduct, Monmouth, Oaklawn and others, John Piesen has taken the guesswork out of picking horse racing winners.. Now, instead of guesswork, he is operating out of knowledge.

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Piesen Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown Races Only - $20.00

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Piesen Kentucky Derby and Triple Crown Full Cards - $50.00

John Piesen Winners Circle Daily Service - $15.00

4-28 Piesen Belmont Opening Day Power Trio - $10.00

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The Longshot Maximizer - $24.95

NEW! From John Piesen Longshot Maximizer. How to CASH 6-1 to 50-1 Longshots Regularly & Pocket the greatest Profits Possible! This new system DESTROYS old racing myths. Takes advantage of synthetic to dirt to turf moves. Creates an entire new method to find ready to win value plays.

John Piesen's Profit Maximizer - $19.95

Step by careful step - John Piesen's breakthrough PROFIT MAXIMIZER shows you mathematically proven betting strategies for making the most money possible even when a horse doesn't pay big. With solid examples, the book explains WHY and HOW this is possible. Then it shows you how to apply the method and get the money - with nine easy-to-follow rules.

Secret Six System - $19.95

The effectiveness of "The Secret Six System" lies in its simplicity. Just SIX STEPS tells you which race presents a play and what horse that play is. The beauty of the system is even more important in today's world of simulcast opportunities because it only takes about 5 minutes to handicap a race. Think about that. You can complete a 9 or 10 race program in less than an hour, or if you are at the track, at a simulcast outlet or on line you can handicap between races.

500 Point Winning System - $24.95

X-Minus-1 - $48.00

It took me years to perfect The X-Minus-1 Method. I fine-tuned it to the point where I was winning over 35% of the time! And, even better, a lot of those winners were paying huge prices! I've also included a complete set of rules to come up with POWERFUL EXACTA, TRIFECTA, and PICK THREE payoffs! No matter what your betting style, X-Minus-1 will suit your needs!

The Gasman Lights Up The Toteboard - $17.95

In his new book, The Gasman Lights Up The Toteboard; Gasper Moschera, one of NY's winningest trainers, tells you what to look for in the Form to help you spot back class, hidden class, and a form cycle that's about to start peaking. It's there. Most players just don't see it. Now you can't miss it.